The Har'zaref
Full Image
Size Large
Class Dreadnought
Type Skyship
Crew Size 6
Captain Suyis Lucain

The Har'zaref was the first skyship ever built, and was built, and is still maintained and captained, by the man who invented skyships altogether. The ship is known to be a pirate ship, often engaged in combat with other pirate skyships or with government skyships, over varying goods and smaller transport ships, but it is also a common sight in Efrea's Estijian Markets - so common, there is a landing bay specifically for it.


As mentioned, and can be presumed, the Dreadnought Har'zaref was the first of Suyis' alpha skyship designs that didn't fall apart, and actually flew. His insistence at creating such machines was driven by a sense of feeling cut off from the natural world due to his heart contracting the Blight, and the mechanical whinging and whirring was good enough a replacement for him to be pacified with. Over time, Suyis added onto the Har'zaref's initial design, and where she started out as a scout class skyship, she eventually became a dreadnought over the course of several years.

Crew Roles

As the Har'zaref is a pirate ship, there is always a need for both typical roles and non-typical, but the only real, current non-typical role they have filled would be the one the alcoholic mule fills. Which is, generally being a nuisance, and making sure Suyis doesn't drink too much by virtue of stealing his alcohol.

Aside, though, the ship always needs engineers, healers, and people that speak varying Kardian languages. There are two native Shuyans on-board, a medic, and a cook, so that's covered at least.


Suyis does not do well remaining in one place.
Neither does his ship.


Modelled, perhaps in part, after Zetrium's governmental and societal structure, the Har'zaref doesn't have any particularly strict hierarchy. Essentially, the ship is more of a democracy, wherein if the crew really think Suyis is being stupid (and often, he is), he may actually back down. Note the may, because sometimes, he decides screw everyone.

Political Ties

She is known to belong to the Lucain line, and known to be allied with Zetrium. Beyond that, the Har'zaref is essentially kind of her own beast.


The Har'zaref has the alcoholic mule. Her name is Belinda, and she bites.

Crew List

Bolded names are the Master of the section they are in, and thus oversee all the less senior crew members in the same section. As such, Masters can override the orders of those below them. The Crew Master is the second-in-command. The Har'zaref is odd because the Captain often does a little bit of everything which is traditionally below his station. His avoidance of traditional ship crew structure is so Real, he has literal paperwork people on his crew. Y e a h.

Captain Suyis Lucain
Crew Master Surya Lucain
Navigators -
Engineers Vin
Gunners -
Kitchen Staff Leon
Medical Staff Kiyoshi Lai
Ledger Staff —-
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