Created 9 Years Ago
Created By Suyis Lucain
Type Transportation / Weapon
Common In Efrea

Designed and first built, almost on accident, by a native of Zetrium, skyships, sometimes called airships, are flying machines meant for air travel. One can liken them somewhat to the modern real-world's aeroplanes, however they vary greatly in design and specific components used in them.

Origins and Design

Initially designed and developed by Suyis Lucain, a Zetriumese man that had lost his heart to the Blight, skyships began as very simplistic flying machines. Suyis, over time, added onto and further expanded skyships' designs and capabilities, and most likely, created one of the most devastating, and useful, machines in Kardia. No two skyships are designed exactly alike, so players are encouraged to get creative with their own designs, however, all skyships run on two components: flight cores, and power cores.

Flight cores are crystalline structures, usually spheres, that gather and contain loose Spirit. As living creatures naturally "exhale" a small amount of Spirit by just existing, these cores can gather that loose energy up and compound it into a viable power source. Flight cores are used to maintain flight speed and altitude, though most skyships also use the aid of physical sails. The flight cores are necessary to give the ship initial lift, and for most designs, will then shut off, and let the sails take over.

Power cores, like flight cores, gather and contain loose Spirit, but unlike flight cores, power cores can be directly fed stolen heart energy. This does, most often, make the power cores more powerful than they are by default, but due to their capacity limits, will also often make them unstable. Power cores are used to generate strong magical shields, and fire energy blasts via turrets or cannons. Smaller, lighter ship classes often use gatling gun style gun turrets, instead of having magic-powered weaponry, but the stronger classes will, more commonly than not, use both.


Skyships are found almost everywhere in Kardia; almost. Much of Shuya's climate is too frigid and harsh for most skyships to be capable of flying through it easily, and so, Shuya very rarely sees a skyship, nor do they build their own. Uclain, as they are adverse for one reason or another to most technology, do not like skyships, occasionally will attempt to shoot one down when they see one, and certainly do not build them.

Efrea have a small fleet, mostly aimed at transport, and are on the path to gaining skyship ferries as a viable method of public transportation. Mostly, Efrea use the ships as goods transport.

Zetrium have most of the skyships in Kardia. After they were developed, the nation took to them like butter to a knife, and skyship manufacture is a lucrative business. There are, already, several skyship ferries taking citizens and tourists from one side of Zetrium to another, and even skyship tours, where those with a bit of pocket change can be taken around the island nation and shown notable locations and historical landmarks, over the course of a few days.


There are seven names that are used to classify skyships. Each class has a different range of armouring and weaponry that is common to the class, which is what determines which class a skyship falls under.


The scout is not meant for combat. Instead, the scout is designed for ease of air manoeuvring, and is designed to be sleek and easily handled in the sky at high speeds. Scouts have very light armouring capabilities, and perhaps small gun turrets, but that's about it. As scouts are often the fastest skyships available, it is common for long-distance delivery and transport services to run on scout class skyships.

Known Scouts

  • None


The cruiser is a slight step up from scouts. Typically stealth ships, cruisers are often capable of high speed manoeuvring and cloaking. Most cruisers have better weaponry than the Scout, but their armouring is about the same. Unlike the scout, the cruiser is designed to be much quieter, and though they can reach high speeds, those speeds are slower than what one will find in a scout.

Known Cruisers

  • None


Much more suited to actual combat than either the scout or the cruiser, the fighter class have much heavier armouring, and advanced shielding technology, as well as cannons in their weaponry arsenal. Depending upon what is used to power their cannons, a fighter may be a slight difficulty, or a severe road block. Most skyships that are not solely for transport are a fighter class, as they are relatively easy to build, and decent enough at offence and defence both, making them well-rounded ships.

Known Fighters

  • None

Heavy Fighter

The heavy fighter operates much like the fighter class, but instead, its defensive capacity is higher, and often, its weapon capacity lower. Many heavy fighters trade the ability to use cannon weaponry for advanced shielding and armouring. The heavy fighter is often also faster than the fighter, and capable of the same air manoeuvring as the cruiser.

Known Heavy Fighters

  • None


Able to hold its own in a sky fight, the flagship is a step above the fighter. Often featuring cannons and turrets both, as well as advanced shielding technology, the flagship is perhaps more of a well-rounded battle ship than the fighter. Its one drawback is it is often too heavy a ship to manoeuvre in the air easily, and must defend before it dodges, as it cannot move fast enough to dodge.

Known Flagships

  • None

Heavy Flagship

Entirely aimed at transport, the heavy flagship transports living creatures from one part of Kardia to another. Heavy flagships have no weaponry to speak of, all of its energy cores powering its shielding, but it is almost impossible to damage; only a dreadnought can do it, typically. These are often used for transport of troops from a nation at war to its front-lines, or for transporting livestock from one part of a nation to another that has seen severe damage and loss of life due to a natural disaster or conflict.

Known Heavy Flagships

  • None


An all-around battle ship, the Dreadnought Class is engineered for combat and defence capabilities. These are no ordinary transport vessels, and are designed from the ground up to cause damage; and often, a lot of it. Its armour is extremely difficult, if not impossible to penetrate, and its fire-power unmatched. This class of ship is typically in charge of an entire fleet, and are rare occurrences, as the resources necessary to build one are difficult to come by. Most Dreadnoughts in existence began as another class, and slowly worked their way up.

Known Dreadnoughts

  • The Har'zaref, built by Suyis Lucain. As the Har'zaref was the first skyship ever built, the classing system was based on the evolution of this ship.
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