Created 4 years ago
Created By Anonymous customer of Zirix
Type Transportation / Weapon
Common In Zetrium

Created out of a need for a good pirate to have a distinct, yet threatening vehicle would be the Seeker-built for one and suits three.

Origins and Design

Within the Zetrium underworld was a ever-growing need for the technology utilized by pirates. The current options available to them, while adequate enough, were never completely suitable for illegal usage, modified vehicles failing to cut it. This problem did not prove insurmountable to Zirix who hired a brilliant, yet unprofessional inventor to continue work on one of his father's project-the Seeker, a small, fast vessel capable of gliding and flying. Within several months, the project was completed.

The Seeker resembles a mouse's body without its legs or facial features; rather, a jet black and grey vehicle always hovering slightly off the ground. Seekers hover through the use of a hover engine, then push themselves forward with propellers. Seekers cannot reach above treetops but have the option of gliding if pushed from a high area. They have a sleek, streamlined and small shape, although Seekers are not built for defense and are relatively easy to annihilate.

Seekers are powered by solar energy, and also has an emergency 12-hour supply. During the night or when the weather is cloudy, seekers do not receive nearly as much power. When its power supply is running low, Seekers usually automatically restrict their power usage until their solar energy income is higher by reducing or negating certain functions, although this can be over-ridden at will. The ship has an array of weapons built into it that prove useful in tight situations, although these consume much energy.

With something to occasionally bounce off on, Seekers can reach very fast speeds and can be used as an alternative to sailing assuming there is enough power and momentum. Seekers do not gain as much traction from sand or other loose materials, thereby making it reaching high speeds on loose surfaces very difficult. Seekers are not yet capable of using a flight core, partially due to lacking mainframe, and partially due to the burst of power a flight core offers; at its small size, a seeker with a flight core would move too fast to control.


At first, Seekers were extremely rare and only utilized by Zirix. However, other members of the Zetrium underworld became quite interested in the product and demanded for more common. Zirix, sensing a way to make a killing, started to sell these products to other pirates, and they eventually became extremely important tools in illegal business, known to some criminals as 'the only way to travel'. However, eventually this caught on with people beyond Zetrium and, worse yet, the law.

They have been used by law enforcement units to patrol certain areas of the city virtually undetected and have also been regarded as useful vehicles. However, they are expensive and dangerous, and so their use within the public was severely limited and the lancers themselves tried to crack down on their usage within Zetrium.

Zetrium is where little below half of all Seekers are used. Previously it was the prime spot, but crack down of the law and its general illegal status made its usage quickly reduced. Lancers themselves use Seekers more often the not for keeping check on criminals, as it is an effective tool for doing so. Meanwhile, Seekers are still frequently used by pirates.

Most of Shuya's public persona don't care for Seekers, but some of its underworld find them useful tools in navigating around the country's harsh terrain. They have also played a notable part in Shuya's illegal trade industry. Uclain do not use seekers to any notable extent. Besides Zetrium, they are more common in Efrea, with some nobility having decided to use them as a form of defense.

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