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This site is the Wiki Project for the World of Hearts original fantasy role-play. Our game takes place on the fictional continent of Kardia, home to four nations, each with its own setting, political environment, and government. Our game is a loose foundation, a box of sand where players can gather the sand up, and build castles together. With each new player that joins, our game becomes more expansive, developed, and colorful. This Wiki is aimed toward the goal of ensuring an easy time of member collaboration, enabling players to create and share ideas for the world together, and build something great.

In the land of Kardia, each person is born with a heart - a metaphysical manifestation of their life force. Hearts, the only known means of accessing magic, come in a rainbow of colour. What colour does your heart shine?
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* Magical Creatures The non-human beings of Kardia.
* Ship Listing Sails of sky and sea.
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