While the magic system used on World of Hearts does not have particularly strict guidelines, there are a few things to note about how it operates. Players are encouraged to create their own unique spin on magic, and invent unique spells or abilities; we do caution against anything that would be too over-powered, or inherently god-mode in order to work. One rule of thumb to use is, if you cannot think of at least one way to counteract it, it is too strong.


The life force of every living creature manifests, invisibly, as a substance called spirit. This works a lot like the mana of other fantasy worlds, and all living things have some measure of innate spirit stored in themselves, but this spirit cannot be used to access magic, instead being a necessary component in the sustaining of life. Hearts, however, accumulate spirit, and a lot more of it, which can be used for magic, though how much a heart can hold innately varies between heart colors. This cap can be overcome, over time, with training, effort, and experience, pushing one's heart's spirit capacity higher than it is by default. The closer to red one is, however, the more time and training this will take.

Heart Magic

A heart's energy is, often, instinctively tapped into, though how instinctively varies between individuals. Hearts, including mechanical, are the only means of accessing and using magic, but only colored, living hearts, can be used to tap into the magic of life. The many elements of the world fall under the header of the magic of life. Which elements one is capable of is up to each individual character's creator, and is intended to be more dependent upon how much study and practice goes into a heart holder's magic use. It is not, however, improbable, that certain elements might be easier, or harder, for individuals within certain bloodlines.

Synthetic Magic

Unlike heart magic, synthetic magic does not use the energy of life to any extent, and thus, it has no true element to it. Like the mechanical nature of the heart that accesses this type of magic, synthetic magic focuses on machinery, mechanics, man-made things, and things that are not, nor ever really were, living. As synthetic magic is not tied to primal, elemental forces, it both is, and is not, more versatile, as many options are cut off from synthetic magic users, yet many more available that aren't for colored hearts. Much like with the elemental magics, however, some will take to synthetic magic rather easily - others will struggle with it.


A common ability across all magic users, albeit it is more common among those that practice mental magic, most of those having a heart that is not Null can use this ability. At times, one may only be able to send messages, and the receiver be unable to send messages back.

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