This brief list covers several of the occupations that a character may have within Kardia, however, it is not an exhaustive list. Players are encouraged to create their own, whether following typical occupational trends, or creating something unique.

Heart Crafter

When a heart is rendered null, incapable of accessing magic, either by Blight, Heart Hunters, or some other dysfunction, a Heart Crafter can create a Mechanical heart replacement for the lost one. Alternatively, those infected by Blight can have their heart partially replaced by a Mechanical heart, in order to slow deterioration. Only a few craftsmen are skilled in the art of constructing Mechanical hearts, the knowledge passed down in family lines within prestigious families, often father to son. While Mechanical hearts cannot access natural magic, they can access a magic called synthetic magic, and can slow the deterioration of hearts infected by Blight.

Heart Hunter

Bounty hunters for hearts, Heart Hunters hunt others for power and profit. While a Hunter cannot keep the heart energy of a heart that isn't the same color as their own, they can hold the stolen heart, and sell it on the black market. Extraction of heart energy can only be done with the assistance of magic, either through magical means outright, or by magically-imbued weapons.

Heart Mender

Specialized healers that focus on the healing and repair of the hearts of others, Heart Menders may also be generalized medical practitioners besides. The healing of others' hearts, as a side-effect, destroys the heart of the Mender, very slowly, over time, and a Mender can only mend hearts of the same color of their own.

Heart Reader

Those whom read the hearts of others, a Heart Reader can tell, at a glance, what color a person's heart is. Newborns are often taken to Readers early, to learn what color their heart is. Heart Readers are born with their abilities, it is not possible to learn to be a Heart Reader.


Lancers are soldiers of Kardia, charged with protecting Kardia's citizens, and upholding the law.


Pirates are those whom consider themselves above the law, but beneath this generalized header, they may be thieves, vagabonds, cheats, or murderers; or all of the above. Some pirates, perhaps, are a little less terrible than others.

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