Site Setting

This page has short summaries of the site's setting, so you can get a quick idea of what each section covers and is about. Click a header to be taken to the information page for that specific thing, which holds more specific information about it. Please keep in mind that World of Hearts is a member-contribution setting, meaning that the setting will change, grow, and evolve, over time, through the contributions of our members. The World of Hearts you see now, may not be the same one you'll find in a few months.

If you are a member of the site, and would like to contribute lore additions, please register with Wikidot, and join this site on the index page, and then add what you wish. If you're unsure about how well a piece of lore fits with what is established already, you are welcome to PM a staff member on the forum!


These pages will go over specific, global concepts, that are valid across Kardia itself.

Commerce and Trade

Information regarding the currency, and trade, barter, and sales practices that are commonly seen in Kardia. Each country operates a tiny bit different in regard to currency, so see their pages for more information specific to each one.

Hearts and Colors

Here you can find information about the primary point of World of Hearts' setting: hearts. Each person in Kardia is born with a heart of a specific color, and through this heart and its capacity for holding spirit, accesses magic.


Our setting's magic system is loose, but there are a few things to note about it. This page goes over those.


While this isn't an exhaustive list of all the jobs and occupations a given character may have, it is a decent starting point, and primarily lists out the jobs that are unique to the setting.


These pages cover the economical, social, governmental, and cultural environments of each nation. Children of Kardia are considered adults at 16 years old, but the meaning of this varies somewhat between nations. Please note, that our nations have no set ethnic appearances; players are free to place a character of any ethnicity within any nation.


One of the only two nations in Kardia that remains more traditional in societal structure and social classing, Efrea is located on the southeastern side of the continent. It is bordered by Shuya to the north, geographically separated from the frigid nation by a mountain barrier, and Uclain to the southwest. The disputed Paskia Desert lies between Efrea and Uclain. The island nation of Zetrium lies a few miles off the coast of Efrea. Historically, due to Zetrium's close proximity to Efrea, the two tend to be allied in international conflicts.


Dominating the northern side of Kardia lies Shuya, a vast nation geographically shielded from both its neighbours, and, within its interior, itself. Shuya is sparsely populated, but rich in certain mineral and metal deposits within its sprawling mountain ranges, and remains the only nation in Kardia to be a monarchy. It is, however, the other nation that is more traditional in societal structure and social classing, albeit the population numbers in Shuya are low enough, its social classing is not always clearly apparent. Shuya is bordered to the south by Efrea and Uclain, separated from the two by a massive mountain range, which even Shuyans have trouble traversing. Due to their isolation from their neighbours, the Shuyans are almost always neutral in international conflict, and tend to mind their own business, instead.


Dominating a vast majority of Kardia is Uclain, tribal lands spread across the southwestern side of the continent. Geographically, Uclain is now shielded from its neighbours by natural land borders, such as mountains, marshes, and steppes, albeit some of these land-borders are more effective than others. Uclain did not start out as large as it is, having spread its territory across the continent by way of conquest; as such, Uclain is the most militarily advanced nation in Kardia, and many tend to fear them, view them as barbarians, or both. As Uclain is tribal, its overall culture and social environment is rather variant, but the Uclainian tribes do have a few unifying features. Uclain is bordered to the east by Efrea, and to the north by the tail end of Shuya. Uclain does not tend to pick sides - or, it is the reason the other nations are picking sides.


An island nation off the coast of Kardia to the east, Zetrium is considered a part of the Kardian whole despite its separation from the mainland. It is relatively close to the coast of Efrea, within an hour or so by water ferry. Zetrium is known for its progressive mindset, and its odd system of government - at least, odd to the rest of Kardia. Most individuals from Zetrium are very intellectual, at least insofar as those that have frequent contact with other nations are concerned, and a very small percentage of impoverished or unemployed, as there is always something to do in Zetrium for money. The home of the skyship, and several other advancements, many biotechnical, Zetrium is at the lead of the present Kardian industrial revolution, and the most technologically advanced of the four nations. Due to its close proximity to Efrea, they are traditionally allied with Efrea in international conflicts, albeit Zetrium has remained neutral in the Efrean-Uclainian squabble over the Paskia Desert thus far.

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