Commerce and Trade
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While the specifics of the economical scene varies between nation, there are some common trends shared across them. All nations in Kardia recognise, and to some extent, use, the same monetary system, and most nations accept forms of barter-trade, or exchange of service. Some of these acceptances may vary between merchant to merchant, rather than nation to nation.


The monetary unit of Kardia is called the druz. These are small mineral coins in the colours of the primary heart colour spectrum, about the size and weight of a United States dime. Each different colour of druz is worth ten of the one below it.

Red 1 Red
Orange 10 Red
Yellow 10 Orange
100 Red
Green 10 Yellow
100 Orange
1,000 Red
Blue 10 Green
100 Yellow
1,000 Orange
10,000 Red
Indigo 10 Blue
100 Green
1,000 Yellow
10,000 Orange
100,000 Red
Violet 10 Indigo
100 Blue
1,000 Green
10,000 Yellow
100,000 Orange
1,000,000 Red

A Red druz is not considered to be worthless, as one can still buy a person a meal in rural areas of Kardia (this would be, perhaps, equivalent to five United States dollars in the real world).


Most active, open markets, have vendors and merchants that are open to bartering. Many are also open to trading one item for another, or an exchange of one service for another (for instance, cooking a meal for someone in exchange for a necklace being made). Admittedly, this varies between merchant to merchant, albeit some places in Kardia are more culturally reliant on such trading than they are druz.

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