Head of House Surya Lucain
Established 9 Years Ago
Class Middle
Serves N/A
Location Zetrium

The Lucains are notorious, if only because they have a habit of injecting themselves into the business of those higher born than they, and are often the first line to speak up over injustice - and yet somehow still remain rather well-known pirates. Not all have heard the name, but the family's members are seemingly quite determined to see that change.


While the Lucain bloodline itself spans an indeterminable amount of generations back, the oldest of the line's members known about even able to trace origins to places beyond Zetrium, the line as it stands today was officially recognised around nine years prior to the game's beginning.


There are two tones people may use to refer to the Lucains: either they speak the name with a hint of awe, if not perhaps reverence, or they curse the entire family and their irritating habit of getting their grubby hands on everything. There are, also, plenty of nobility across Kardia that believe the Lucains haven't earned as much recognition as they have, but as Suyis puts it, they can sit on it and spin.

None really have any valid complaints about the family, however. Some even comment that, despite being pirates and being known for being pirates, and their dealings often not entirely legal nor moral, they do have a habit of helping those less fortunate than they are. In many cases, what traditionally "terrible" things the line is known to have dealings in, somehow benefit something less terrible, perhaps even noble, but the family do not make a habit of revealing their intentions or motives. As far as they're concerned, all of that is really none of anyone's business, barring perhaps the lancers, and, well, what Lucain gets caught by one of those?

Known For

The line is best known for the invention of varying technological gadgets, and assistance in furthering of biotechnology. The most notable of their inventions happens to be the skyship, an increasingly more common mode of transport across Kardia. They still haven't been even heard of in the more rural parts of Shuya and most of Uclain.


Surya Lucain — Current family head.
Suyis Lucain — Eldest Lucain.
Mysaedra Lucain
Meilong Yin — Unofficially adopted by Surya.


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Relations With Other Lineages

There is only one real other lineage known to care one way or the other regarding the Lucains, this being the Faolain line, a family of high standing from Efrea. This line, through unofficial channels, is rumoured to be vaguely in kahoots with the Lucains, but officially, they've not stated their stance as being one way or the other.

Most of the other lines essentially ignore them. You know, until a Lucain swipes their jewellery.

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