"Heed not the gentle."
Head of House NPC
Established ~400 years ago
Class Noble
Location Efrea

One of the most well-known and respected families within Efrea, the Faolains are second only to the royals in reputation and notoriety. At times, they may even surpass them. Their seat of power is located within Kythiria, a city situated at the edge of the Virae mountains. The private rooftop gardens of Glasgraig, their mansion (though some would call it a castle) is said to be comparable to none.


Descended from an older Shuyan lineage, the Faolain family was established in Efrea around four hundred years ago. To this day they maintain their connections with their Shuyan neighbours, and it is said that they may even have some influence over the dealings within the Court of the Holy Mother. Through the use of strategic alliances, the Faolains rapidly climbed up the ranks to where they are today. Although it's been many years since their arrival to Efrea, there are some traditionally-minded families who still regard them as foreigners and resent their displacement of Efrean natives in their rise to power.


Polished, poised, and dignified, the Faolains maintain an air of serene composure in their dealings with the public. They are charismatic, and yet, at the same time, enigmatic. While everyone knows that they put up a public face, what lies beneath that public face is rather up for debate. Even the members of their family with a livelier sense of charm tend to be slippery and abstruse, feinting around their secrets in verbal circles until you realize, two days later, that they hadn't told you much of anything at all. This is not to say that they are without their scandals; indeed, the Faolains always seem to involved in some type of controversy (usually involving their daughter, Lyra), but at best they seem mildly annoyed by the inconvenience. They are kind to their friends, and their enemies… well, whatever misfortune befalls them can't be traced back to Faolains, exactly, but they do seem to conveniently disappear with suspicious regularity.

If you dig far enough, practically everything in Efrea traces back to them in some way. The Faolains are gifted at making friends, and their information network stretches from Efrea, to Shuya, up to the skies and from the seas to Zetrium, and even, it is rumoured, to some Uclainian tribes despite the current hostilities. They are known to be prolific breeders and members of their line seem to pop up everywhere you look, from the highest courts to common market stalls, even as pirates and criminals. A secondary, informal motto that some attribute to them is, "Our eyes are cast wide."

There have been sporadic rumours that they may be getting too ambitious as of late and are gunning for a seat on the High Council. However, rumours of similar nature have circulated about them ever since their founding. Whether it will be proven true this time or not is up in the air.

Known For

Much of their wealth comes from the trade alliances they've made with the native Ifrit of the Virae mountains, fire spirits capable of feats of mining no human can accomplish. The Faolains are the foremost provider of volcanic rocks and gems for decorative and industrious purposes, and the nutrient-rich ash is exported as fertilizer. They also own a lot of spa resorts and medicinal retreats, as well as most of the farmland within Kythiria and the surrounding towns.

Because of their Shuyan heritage, the women of the household are given more freedom than is generally expected in Efrea. Mostly, this is seen as a strange quirk by the rest of the aristocracy, though some are more hostile to the notion and actively look down upon them for it.


Lyra Faolain
Lennox Faolain


Talk to the current members! Honestly, you can literally just make someone without prior consult and I'd be ecstatic.

Relations With Other Lineages

There are some whispers of them being in vague cahoots with the Lucain family, but neither have publicly confirmed nor denied it.

One of their daughters was briefly engaged to a son of the Altiens, a high-standing line of Efrean royalty. After the unexpected death of their patriarch, it lingered for a bit and then was quietly broken off. Well. Attempted quietly, but Efreans do so love their gossip. Despite the rumours of betrayal and vengeance, Lyra and Kassander remain good friends and their families maintain close ties to each other. They were fourteen, come on now.

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