New Player Starter Guide

Welcome to World of Hearts! We're glad you're having a look around! This page will guide you through creating a character with us and getting going. Everything's pretty simple and straight-forward, however!


The first thing to do to get started is to register an account. Please keep in mind that the first account you register must be an out of character one, so use whatever name you would like to be called while on the site. When registering, the system will first present you with our Terms of Service, which you will need to agree to in order to proceed. The ToS can be summed up with, we're not liable for anything posted on the board by people that aren't us, and we cannot prove the validity of information in posts, and you, as the user, are responsible for the things you post, and we ask that users not post anything invasive of privacy, defamatory, inflammatory, and similar. It also mentions our site uses cookies to keep you logged into the forum, and IP addresses are recorded. Pretty basic stuff.

Choose a password that you can remember, as this will be the primary account through which you must access the others, as character accounts cannot be logged into directly.
Please note, the system will automatically log you out after an hour. Before that time, please log out, back in, and tick the "Always stay logged in" option, as if you are logged out while filling in a profile, you will likely lose your work.

Player Account

You may add as little, or as much, to your own OOC account information as you like. The notes section can also be used to let the rest of the board know what kind of player you are, your general activity, any limits or triggers you may have, or even what kinds of plots you're most interested in.

As a registered member, you also will have the ability to change which theme you're using. The default theme on our site comes with a light-toned variation, where all the charcoals in the theme's color schema are replaced with pale silvers and whites, for those that read better on a light theme. To get to this option, click your name at the top of the site on the floating bar, find "Look and Layout," and where it lists out the theme name (should be forum default), click "Change." You'll find there is a drop down selector on the default theme and the one named prismatic. Changing this to light and clicking use this theme will swap the palette for you.

Making a Character

Once logged in to your player account, click your name on the floating bar, and click "Characters." From the new screen, scroll down and click the button titled "Create/Link." Enter the character's name (First Last if applicable, proper spacing and capitalization), a random password (same one twice, but it doesn't need to be super strong), and then click "Create/Link" again. You now have your first character registered! On the floating bar will then be a select box entitled "Switch Account." You can use this drop-down to switch between being logged in as your player account, or a character account, in order to update bookmarks and change profile information.

Character Profile

To edit a profile, click the name in the floating bar, and choose "Edit Profile." You'll have a series of input fields and text areas. World of Hearts does not have an application, or approval process, so what you fill in here is up to you. In order to list your character's face claim in the face claim list, simply fill in the field labeled face claim with the name of the celebrity you are using.

Choosing a Group

Once you're happy with your character's profile, click the name in the floating bar, and this time select "Group Membership." You'll be presented with a list of our member groups. Click "Join Group" for the group that best suits your character.

Thread Tags

Our open thread list runs off a thread tagging system. As such, if you've created an open thread, and would like for it to appear in the open thread list, simply find the + button at the bottom of a thread, under tags, and type "open," without the quotes, in the box, and click "Add Tag." If you've gotten a reply to the thread, and no longer want it to be listed as open, click the - button beside the open tag (or any other tag on it).

Thread tags can be used to denote characters present in a thread. The tags are also how we track mature content, and hide it from players below a certain age. If you've filled in a valid birth date, which puts you at or over 18, in your profile, you'll be able to see threads marked mature. If a thread is mature, or even doesn't start out mature, but eventually becomes so, please make sure to correctly tag it! Tags can be added at any point along a thread's life-span.


This is a nifty feature, where you can add a thread to your bookmarks list, and have it appear on profiles so other players know which threads your character(s) has/have been in, or how many threads you currently have running. To add a bookmark, view a thread, and click the "Add bookmark" button either on the top button strip (aligned right), or the bottom one. To then add it to the character, once it loads the bookmarks screen where it says you've added the bookmark, switch to the character's account with the green success message still displayed, and it'll automatically add it without you needing to go find the thread and click the button again.

For those that would like, you can add notes to bookmarks, summarizing events in a thread. This also displays on the tracker on your profile, allowing other players to see, at a glance, what your character(s) have been up to, and you to easily see how their plot has changed since you started playing. It's not a necessary feature, but a useful tool.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License